This book is dedicated in memory and honor of those who fell in the struggle to realize the freedom and independence of the Eritrean people, to the martyrs Isaac Rezene, a friend and a comrade; Afwerki Teweldemedhin (aka Bureaucracy), Rusom Teklemariam (aka Tarzan), and other dedicated fighters whose stories have not been told yet, for those who worked inside the belly of the enemy carrying out intelligence activities in Asmara and Ethiopian cities, and were executed in enemy prisons and in the outskirts of Asmara in Qushet. 

To those who are languishing in the ravines of Ella-Ero and other PFDJ prisons, and who are suffering and dying, the senior leaders of the Eritrean revolution, journalists whose only crime is being voice of the voiceless, and all those who pursued a non-violent struggle for change.

To all those, who at this time and age, have become shooting targets for the PFDJ on the border areas, or lost their lives in the desert of Sinai where their body parts was extracted, or the youth who are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

To the memory of my three martyred brothers, my friends and comrades: Isaias Fessahaie, Amanuel Fessahaie, and Mussie Fessahaie.

To all those who fell and became handicapped in the struggle to realize the independence of Eritrea, and to all the children of martyrs.

To my beloved children whom I left behind in Asmara Eritrean because of the unjust PFDJ regime, Pitias Tsegu, Aman Tsegu, Selam Tsegu; to my parents who raised me to participate in the making of history and in whose funeral I couldn't participate because of the unjust regime, my late father Memhir Fessahaie Bahta and my late mother Weizero Besrat Habteselassie.